ByAndreas Wolff 9th August 2023


Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project Is a hot rolling mill secured against intentional attacks? Could a re-heating furna

ByRoland Pietruck 4th July 2022


REUSteel Dissemination of results of the European projects dealing with reuse and recycling of by-products in the steel sector REUSteel pro

ByDr. Martin Schlautmann 23rd June 2020


PerMonLiSt Continuous Performance Monitoring and Calibration of Model and Control Functions for Liquid Steelmaking Processes PerMonLiSt p

BySimon Wölfelschneider 29th May 2020


Slagreus Reuse of slags from integrated steelmaking Project abstract In Europe 2016 steelmaking slags (SMS) amount to 18.4 Mio t/a, of tho

ByKersten Marx 6th November 2019


Minimise sinter degradation between sinter plant and blast furnace exploiting embedded real-time analytics (MinSiDeg) project abstract Sinter wi

ByKersten Marx 30th October 2019


RealTimeCastSupport project abstract Thermal and fluid-mechanical conditions in continuous casting moulds are only roughly known although highly

ByGerald Stubbe 22nd January 2019


LowCarbonFuture Exploitation of Projects for Low-Carbon Future Steel Industry LowCarbonFuture project abstract The project “LowCarbonFuture

ByDr. Martin Schlautmann 26th November 2018


Morse Model-based optimisation for efficient use of resources and energy. Initial situation Process industry is continuously looking f

ByDr. Jan Polzer 26th April 2018


Cyber-POS Cyber-Physical Production Optimization Systems for Long Production Factories Cyber-POS project abstract and objectives Productio

ByDr. Frank Mintus 15th November 2017


PowGETEG Recent results of the RFCS research project PowGETEG (Power generation from hot waste gases using thermoelectrics) PowGETEG projec

ByDr. Jörg Adam 16th October 2017


Recent results of RFCS DEPREX research project - Early detection and prevention ot tuyere damaging conditions for extension of tuyere life time

ByDr. Hauke Bartusch 16th October 2017


stackMonitor Recent results of RFCS stackMonitor research project stackMonitor project abstract